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Tanner Service Center offers Yoder Easy Barns

Tanner Service Center and Yoder Easy Barns specialize in providing high quality and affordable portable building solutions. Our Mennonite built buildings are custom built to meet your needs.

Yoder Easy Barns

Need a new workshop? Are you out growing your garage space? We'll find the wooden or metal building that will work for you. Our skilled craftsmen offer you a wide array of quality products. Our network of dealers makes delivery to your home or business easy. We can provide Rent-to-Own solutions, and our customer service and billing departments can answer all your questions. Trust Easy Rentals and Easy Barns to deliver the best quality at the best price.

Renting makes sense.

It just does. Who really has the cash to spend on a brand new structure? Renting solves all of your problems without the nightmare of cash flow. Over your budget? Ease your mind and your headache, with monthly rent to own payments. Only 36 payments to owning your own building. Call us Today 478-272-6352.

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Yoder Easy BarnsYoder Easy Barns
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